The China Greentech Report 2012

The China Greentech Report 2012, released by the China Greentech Initiative (CGTI), is the third annual update of recent developments in the greentech sector in China. CGTI, founded in 2008, has rapidly grown to become the only Chinese-international collaboration platform of 100+ commercial and policy organizations, focused on identifying, developing and promoting green technology solutions in China. PwC is the strategic partner of the initiative and has provided substantial resources to the creation of this study.

The China Greentech Report 2012 analyses four key factors that characterise challenges and opportunities in China's greentech markets, including: 

  • How China and global economic forces have impacted greentech growth
  • Aggressive government policies will continue to support greentech growth
  • Public awareness of urgent environmental problems is growing
  • China is going global to satisfy energy security needs and to meet emission reduction goal

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