The Launchpad service

1.       The investment environment analysis report

The contents of the report include:
1)       Detailed investigation of the statementof the macroeconomic environment, political and social environment, legal environment, living and entertainment environment, municipal infrastructure in investment target city areas
2)       Making an objective analysis
2.       The feasibility report of investment project
The contents of the report include:
1)       The necessity analysis of project construction
2)       The data analysis of project market
3)       The condition analysis of project construction
4)       The estimate of financial data
5)       The financial benefit analysis
6)       Uncertainty analysis
7)       Production scale analysis
3.       The staff recruitment and management before the foreign owned enterprise establishment
The services include:
1)       Staff recruitment
2)       Providing office for staff
3)       Staff payroll and social insurance
4)       The administrative management, such as: staff attendance, etc.
4.       Product search, partner search
The services include:
1)       Searching for the products in a designated market according to customer requirements
2)       Purchasing the sample product
3)   QC of product check and so on