Company Establishment in China

I   Procedure and working day
1.Confirmation of the company name                 3 working days
2.Premade Code certificate number                   1 working day
3.Trade industry bureau approval                            30 days
4.Apply for the license                                  7 working days
5.Make company chops                                   3 working days
6.Apply for Organization Institution code certificate       3 working days
7.Apply for the state &local tax registration certificate    2 working days
8.Apply for foreign exchange registration certificate       5 working days
9.Open company basic and tax bank account                    10 working days
10. Apply for financial registration certificate                  5 working days

II  Documents required
1.      Company Investors Notarized Qualification (Registration certificate)   (2 originals)
2.      Notarized Bank reputation certificate of the Company Investors          (2 originals)
3.      WOFE legal  representative &member of board of supervisor ID          (original)
4.      Lease certificate & contract    (2 originals)
5.      WOFE name& business scope& register capital;
6.      Some other information:
(1)   Address / Tel of head office
(2)   information about WOFE legal representative and member of board of supervisor, such as: address / Tel. in his country
7.      Company stamp of investor
8.      Yearly audit report (if the investor is a company and have been operated more than 1 year)
9.      The application forms need investors’ stamp or signature;
10. Photos of WOFE legal representative (2-inch, 2 pcs.)
11. Other documents need investors’ stamp or signature;
(These documents will be supplied by us after confirmation of the company name)
No. 1 and 2 documents above need to be notarized by notarization institution where the investor located, and then attested by the Chinese Embassy or consulate; Foreign language documents need to enclose Chinese translation documents