Residence Permit In China


1.  Pre-condition
1) The applicant should get a job in China
2) The applicant (not including the chief representative and legal representative) should have college or university diploma.
2.     The procedure
1)       Submit the application for work permit to Shenzhen labor bureau  
2)       Apply for Alien Employment License   
3)       Interview with the section of foreign affairs in Shenzhen Public Security
Note:*This step will take 1~2 months for queue
4)       Apply for work visa
A:Apply for Invitation Letter
B: Apply for Z visa by applicant in his country
5)       Apply for Alien Employment Permit  
6)       Apply the Residence Permit  
2.      Documents needed for Residence Permit:
1)         《Medical Examination Record》(checked and Issued by Shenzhen port hospital)
2)         《Temporary Accommodation Form》(registered in local police station)
3)         Lease Contract
4)         Credentials of the foreign required for the performance of the job. (Usually Diploma works)
5)         1-inch/2-inch Photographs. 5 pcs respectively (Red background)
6)         Curriculum vitae of the foreigner to be employed
7)         Passport and Effective Visa
8)         Company license
9)         Lease contract
10)     Organizational institution code certificate.
11)     Appointment letter by head office or Labor contract.
12)     Other certificate and documents needed