Representative offices establishment in China

  About foreign companies’ establishment of representative offices in China

A. Pre-condition
      1) The head company must be founded more than 2 years.
      2) There are at most 4 representatives.
      3) The business scope of representative office is "Communication for head company"
B.     It needs to present the following information or documents
      1)Foreign (area) enterprises resident representative offices establish registry application form;
2)Company Investors Notarized Qualification (Registration certificate)   
3)Notarized Bank Credit certificate of the Company Investors 
4)Notarized appointment letter & identity certificate & C.V. of each representative
5)Signature authenzation of head office
6) lease contract and lease certificate
7)2-inch photograph of chief/general representative(4 pieces,Red background)
8) Head office stamp. 
    No. 2,3,4,5 documents above need to be notarized by notarization institution where the foreign companies located, and then attested by the Chinese Embassy or consulate; the documents above of HK and Macao companies need to be notarized by Chinese consignation notary (HK and Macao’s lawyers), and passed by the limited company of Chinese law service (HK). Foreign language documents need to enclose Chinese translation documents and endorsed by foreign enterprises.
C.      Procedure
1.      apply for the license        5 working days
2.      make company chops      3 working days
3.      apply for Organization Institution code certificate       3 working days
4.      apply for the state &local tax registration certificate   2 working days